Hard Work is Rewarded

Year 6 have learned that hard work is rewarded. Following months of hard work, determination and perseverance in every aspect of our learning and work in school, we have been rewarded with a fun afternoon in the woods.

Outdoor Revision

This afternoon, Year 6 spent time in the great outdoors revising our learning across a range of topics in preparation for our final mathematics paper tomorrow morning.

What a Wonderful Visit from Native Americans!

Our exciting ‘Americas’ topic has begun with a fascinating visit from a native American family. We had an amazing learning experience, where we were educated on how native Americans live. Additionally, we were given the opportunity to handle many interesting artefacts from the family’s culture.

We thoroughly enjoyed this visit and we hope there will be more experiences like this in the future.

By Faith and Madiha (Year 6)

World Book Day

Today, Year 6 arrived at school dressed as our favourite book characters ready to celebrate World Book Day along with the rest of Rushall School. The day consisted of us learning how to become authors during a wonderful assembly delivered by Sarah Griffiths, who is a published author. We read with our partner class – Year 2 and took part in a World Book Day Quiz.

Our Special Book Day Assembly

Reading with Year 2

Our World Book Day Costumes

Incredible Ice skating

Year 6 had a fabulous frosty time on the ice skating rink that came to school today. We thoroughly enjoyed the snow machine whilst we were skating around with our friends.

Exciting Electricity

During our Science lesson this afternoon, Year 6 completed a range of electrifying challenges to help us revise our previous knowledge of this topic. We had lots of fun experimenting with series circuits, which included cells, bulbs and motors.

Aurora Borealis Art

Year 6 have had an artistic start to our Ice World topic. We have learnt about the Aurora Borealis and Australis as part of our Geography and recreated this beautiful, natural phenomenon in our art.
With chalks and pastels, we carefully used a variety of techniques to demonstrate the flowing movements of the Auroras across the sky and the crisp, icy edges of the landscape below.

Physical Exercise Challenge

Today, Year 6 came together with our partnership class, which is Year 2, for our monthly P.E. challenge. We had a fantastic time.

The aim of today’s session was to beat our score from September in the following 3 areas:

  • Balancing – The Stork
  • Throwing and catching a ball
  • Long jump