Kingswood Day 3

Another busy day at Kingswood for us today! 

Following our breakfast we all went down to the lake to take part in our first activity – Raft Building! As three teams, we needed to work together to decide how to build our rafts and then build them using logs, barrels and rope.  We used our skills from the buggy building to tie the logs securely together. Most of us ended getting wet!

We then went back into our three groups and took part in more activities – Jacobs Ladder, Nightline and Archery.  

We then met back up for lunch, and then went to our after noon activities – Climbing, Obstacle Challenge and Kayaking! Group three managed to get soaked! Including Mr Stephens who ended up in the lake! 

We then all met back at the dining hall for dinner and followed this with our Night Walk – We walked around the camp, looked at the stars (Some of us found Polaris – the North Star), learned about the history of Colomendy during WWII and also its mining history.  

Please ignore the dates/times on some of the photographs, the cameras dates/times are incorrect. 

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these photographs Mr Stephens, they are stunning! It is wonderful for us (and especially for parents) to be able to see all of the amazing things the children have been doing.

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